Welcome to Royal Borough of Greenwich Virtual School for children and young people in our care. As Headteacher of the Virtual School I am delighted to invite you to read our website that you will hopefully find useful and interesting.

This website is a one stop portal for children and young people who are in our care, parents, carers, stakeholders and other professionals working with our children and young people. It is a place to access information, advice and guidance on education supports, share best practice and gain a complete picture of the multi-agency work which goes on in support of our children in care.

I am passionate about children and young people being supported to succeed in all aspects of their life and to be given the same opportunities as their peers who are not in care. Our ethos at the Virtual School is to ensure that all children and young people in our care benefit by being provided with high quality education from within an Early Years Setting, through all Key Stages including progression to further and higher education. Our approach is symbiotic, the welfare and wellbeing of all our children and young people is core to our thinking and remains central to both education and care systems. It is important that we work together as a team supporting the children and think creatively, valuing quality relationships and contributions equally of all members of the team.

The Virtual School works on a value system of empowerment, collaboration and mutual respect. We work most effectively when we have an understanding of each other. A learning home is where parents/guardians, foster carers, residential home carers and social workers understand how to use their relationships to support a child with their learning. A caring school is where quality relationships are recognised and where teaching staff and those involved understand how to support a child who may have adverse childhood experiences in a nurturing, trauma responsive way and help them continue to thrive and be aspirational.

It takes a village to raise a child (Traditional African Proverb).

Our responsibility is to ensure that we fulfil our aims and continue to build on our achievements so as to enable our children in our care, current and future, to be well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead and thrive in what they aim to achieve.

Eva Tabaton



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